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5 Tools You Need to Repair Your Vehicle

There are so many different types of car repairs and each part of your vehicle (engine, transmission, etc.) has it’s own unique set of repairs and maintenance task to keep it running at peak condition.

When you add up all these repairs and maintenance tasks, it’s becomes quite daunting, for non-professional mechanics, to maintain and repair a vehicle. None of that means that you can’t, or more importantly that you shouldn’t, do some of the minor repairs at home.

Here’s an example: A standard front brake job consists of replacing the front brake pads and resurfacing both of the front rotors. The majority of repair shops have a set price they charge for this service, and nationwide it averages $200. Then you add on shop supplies, taxes and any other miscellaneous fees. So after all of that is added, you’re going to end up paying $240-$275 for a front brake job. How would you feel about that price if I told you that you could do that repair by yourself for less than $100? Yes, that’s exactly how I’d feel too! By watching a couple of videos on YouTube for your specific vehicle, and having a few simple tools on hand, you can do that repair in about an hour and a half on a Saturday afternoon.

Get the list of tools that will help you accomplish some minor home auto repairs here:

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